Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Witch

I don't remember the circumstances that led up to it, but I was following an old woman who looked to be somewhere between 65-75 years old. She was leading me to her home, as it was understood that I and a past school chum of mine, one BDP, were friends with here. Also, it was understood she was a witch. She was slender, and wore predominantly white clothing, and had medium length white hair, held in a ponytail, if I remember correctly. For some reason my friend wasn't coming along this time, and the more I thought on it I found it a little odd, but no cause for alarm.

She walked about three or four steps ahead of me, and she and I were discussing something dog-related. She then commented something to the effect that there was only one that fit the bill for whatever we were talking about, a white dog, husky-ish, or maybe it was a wolf, I'm not sure. It was 529 years old when it died. I asked if she might have a picture of it, and after thinking about it for a moment, she responded that she wasn't sure, but it was possible. Incidentally, as we conversed I noticed the path we were taking was markedly similar to the route I would take home from middle school.

We passed a particular tree I remember from said route, and started into a tan-brick or hewn-stone tunnel; but suddenly a raccoon fell out of the tree and hit me in the head, yet in a way that suggested it was projected at me, rather than merely falling. It made raccoon chirrups and scurried off. Immediately afterward, I noticed that the fox i was carrying (and also that I was apparently carrying a fox) began to squirm, so I set it down and it ran on ahead of us, into another room on the left, as we were now apparently inside her house. She went into the room directly in front of us, presumably to look for photos of the dog or wolf that we had talked about before. A notion then started upon me that what if she maintained her longevity through the consumption of young male hearts, and my friend who was absent had in fact already met such a fate? I didn't like where that was leading, so I quickly dismissed it. Then i started to get very drowsy, and I was laying down with a blanket over me and a pillow under my head. Moments later I was waking up, for real, uncertain whether I was still in the witch's house, or my own bedroom.

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