Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Witch

I don't remember the circumstances that led up to it, but I was following an old woman who looked to be somewhere between 65-75 years old. She was leading me to her home, as it was understood that I and a past school chum of mine, one BDP, were friends with here. Also, it was understood she was a witch. She was slender, and wore predominantly white clothing, and had medium length white hair, held in a ponytail, if I remember correctly. For some reason my friend wasn't coming along this time, and the more I thought on it I found it a little odd, but no cause for alarm.

She walked about three or four steps ahead of me, and she and I were discussing something dog-related. She then commented something to the effect that there was only one that fit the bill for whatever we were talking about, a white dog, husky-ish, or maybe it was a wolf, I'm not sure. It was 529 years old when it died. I asked if she might have a picture of it, and after thinking about it for a moment, she responded that she wasn't sure, but it was possible. Incidentally, as we conversed I noticed the path we were taking was markedly similar to the route I would take home from middle school.

We passed a particular tree I remember from said route, and started into a tan-brick or hewn-stone tunnel; but suddenly a raccoon fell out of the tree and hit me in the head, yet in a way that suggested it was projected at me, rather than merely falling. It made raccoon chirrups and scurried off. Immediately afterward, I noticed that the fox i was carrying (and also that I was apparently carrying a fox) began to squirm, so I set it down and it ran on ahead of us, into another room on the left, as we were now apparently inside her house. She went into the room directly in front of us, presumably to look for photos of the dog or wolf that we had talked about before. A notion then started upon me that what if she maintained her longevity through the consumption of young male hearts, and my friend who was absent had in fact already met such a fate? I didn't like where that was leading, so I quickly dismissed it. Then i started to get very drowsy, and I was laying down with a blanket over me and a pillow under my head. Moments later I was waking up, for real, uncertain whether I was still in the witch's house, or my own bedroom.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Sorting

Sadly it is now late in the evening, and the dream i wish to describe happened early in the morning; however, i shall attempt to express it as i remember it in any event:

I was in a classroom of some sort, i believe i was attending college somewhere. There were some younger, as well as older students with me. The teacher (the emotive / reactionary title, she was not thought of as "professor") conducted an exercise involving assigned classroom reading. Unbeknownst to us, it was also to provide an experiment and illustration of some sort, involving certain psychological types. The subject of the reading was implied to be quite interesting, though i don't know specifically what it was at this point. However, after reading for a little while I suddenly became aware that half, if not more than half of the other students had gotten up and left. I looked up and around me, and there were only seven of us left, including an older, gray-haired gentleman, and several younger students of uncertain age and varying gender. The teacher, with a smirk, started to explain something about how certain personality, or psychological types tend to become so absorbed in what they're doing that they tend to unconsciously ignore what's going on around them. Without having to say so, it became clear what had happened. While we were reading, the teacher had apparently announced that the class was dismissed, particularly for those who were paying attention and/or heard her say so.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tooth Roots

I was in the bathroom of the house where I'd grown up. I was seated on the toilet, of all places, and a woman, whom I thought at first was my mother, was standing nearby. Doing what exactly, I'm not sure. While I sat there, I became aware of one of my molar teeth being somewhat loose, and apparently it had been so for a long time, so i decided it had been long enough, so i reached in my mouth and just pulled it out. In doing so, as I pulled it from my mouth, out came a rather long, tendrilled, viney "root" attached to the tooth. It was mostly white, perhaps just slightly greenish or yellowish in hue. I was about to ask the woman, who was familiar to me, yet now I realized she definitely was not my mother, whether she'd like to see it, since it was understood she had never soon the root of a tooth before; but I was a bit embarrassed by it, and so instead I dropped it into the toilet and flushed it away.

Then I was standing before the bathroom mirror, but I wasn't so much looking in the mirror as I was looking inside my mouth, the way one does with one's tongue, at another tooth that was a little loose, and whose root had started to protrude from underneath it. I took something, perhaps a toothbrush, and tried to persuade the root backdown into its place, but it didn't seem to work very well. All the while it all seemed to terribly real, and I though I suspected it was a dream, I just didn't seem to awaken. Finally, I looked at myself in the mirror, though only for a flash of a second, for in that brief moment, I saw roots protruding from all over my face. I closed my eyes, and felt worms sticking out from my chest and neck, so I started pulling them out, in a handful, and thankfully around that time I did finally wake.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Fox of my Own

Where I was exactly, I'm not completely sure. I may have been in a random beach house or hotel room, or maybe my grandparents' house, perhaps even an odd combination of the two. My cousin was there, as were my brother and sister, and my mother, grandmother, and aunt and uncle (this particular cousin's parents). I don't remember what was going on at the time, but I suddenly became aware of a fox in the room. She approached me in a bit of a sidling manner, then lay down close beside me (I was sitting on the hardwood floor). I stroked her gently, and she nuzzled in closer, then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and let out a slow, soft, sigh. It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps this fox had sought comfort in what would be her last moments alive, and this pained me deeply. I continued stroking her soft, red and white coat, and noticed a few seconds later that she started breathing again. It happened rather quickly, but a few seconds more and it would not have been so (as dream-rules may then have demanded she be truly dead). I was filled with relief, and a renewed joy that she not only permitted physical contact with me, but she'd desired it as well; and also, that I finally had a fox of my own.

I write this with a small sigh of my own, for it was bitter-sweet; such dreams exist because they very rarely, if ever come true, least of all for one such as me.

Monday, January 18, 2010


it was unfortunately short, but I recall being in a sort of factory, or maybe a warehouse or department store even. A legion of androids had amassed there, for purposes of fellowship and aims of world conquest. I had some how been mistaken to be one of them, and found myself mimicking quirky head and eye movements to better blend in. One of them, a woman, stopped and chatted with me about something I no longer remember, but her smile was welcoming, and her words nice enough, though she was ignorant of my true nature. I marched on with others, until arriving at something like a check out counter, where another woman-android started asking me random questions, the last of which i made a joking remark involving "Lucky Charms". Then she made a comment that inferred she was wise to what i was, but I just smirked and asked something like, "what tipped you off?" Her response was in words initially, but they didn't quite make sense, and as I tried to make sense of them, they got even more confusing, until I began to visualize a twisted, expanding network of roots, after which I either awoke, or let the dream pass to oblivion.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Many of the details at this point are very vague, but I remember being in an unfamiliar room, in an unfamiliar building, something like an older, sort of run-down, but not entirely kind of place. Brown-red wood walls, might have been paneling. I was engaged in conversation with "Shemp" Howard, from The Three Stooges. It was understood to be a time not long after Moe's death (in waking reality, truth be told I'm no more certain whether "Shemp" outlived Moe, or vice-versa), and we were discussing how their father, an ultra-orthodox Jew, did not approve of the "woob-woob-woob," as he mimed his father.

Sadly, I do not recall what led up to it, or what came after, only that something did both.

still, was a rather unusual, unexpected. I have not seen, or even thought about The Three Stooges in quite some time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Lesser Nightmare

I don't quite remember what led up to it, but I remember being out in front of my grandparent's house, either along the street or in a parked car, perhaps behind a car. A police car went past with its lights flashing, though no siren. It seemed to be in pursuit of another car, but neither were going particularly fast. There were several hispanic men in a car behind us, a red volkswagen bug, and they pulled out and started following the police car. They appeared to be armed. I noticed the street seemed different. It was wider, and looked more inner-city-ish. There were cars parked all along both sides of the street, and there were a lot more buildings, apartments, and hotels. The policeman had stopped his car and gotten out, pistol drawn. He was a black man of medium build with a mustache, and in full uniform. There were more young hispanic men coming up the street towards him, seemed to be a large gang, or a perhaps the start of a riot. They mostly carried sticks, clubs, and such, but a few of them had guns.

My dad had me take my mother, sister, and brother-in-law into our hotel (apparently we were at the shore on vacation now rather than at my grandparents' place), while he and my brother, both armed as well, were going to give back-up for the policeman, along with a few other upright men of varying race. I was frantically running through the hotel, looking desperately for our room, which overlooked this particular street. I entered one room that I thought was it, but an older woman was in it whom i did not recognize. "Sorry, wrong room," I said, and quickly ran out to continue my search. I entered another room at the end of the hallway, but found an unfamiliar older couple in it. "Your room's over there," the man said, pointing to an adjacent door. My sister unlocked the door and we went inside, and there found my mother in a bathing suit, apparently getting ready for the beach. It was understood / implied in my mind at this point that she was not present earlier. I ran to the window and grabbed a rifle, in hopes of offering sniper support, but when I got there it was already over. People were cheering, the gang had been defeated, though how, I do not know.

Time passed, and things began to settle down. I was about to go to bed, but I stopped to look out the window in my bedroom. It had started to storm, and and I could see the ocean. Suddenly an enormous wave rose high above the horizon. That's a big wave, I thought. Then it came crashing down, and the water came rushing toward the hotel, and filled up all the way to my window, which was on one of the upper floors. It continued to flow until the bottom two-thirds of the window was covered in water. I feared that the glass might break and that the water would come pouring in, trapping us in a completely flooded hotel room. I ran to my sister's room, and she was sitting on the edge of her bed, consoling herself by hugging her little dog tightly. All of the windows I saw were now completely covered with water. "We have to go up!" I shouted, and we started to gather the rest of the family. But that must have been enough of it, for the threat of the flood completely disappeared from my mind.

Everyone else had left, or was waiting out in the hallway. I was walking to the bathroom, and suddenly realized I could place my tongue under and inside of one of my teeth, into an impossibly large cavity. In the bathroom, I took a hold of the tooth, and with a light tug, I pulled it out, and dropped it in the trash can. I looked in the mirror at the gaping, bloody hole along the right side of my mouth where the tooth had been. Then I became aware that there were more teeth that had to come out, and tin gripping another tooth and pulling, something resembling a dental retainer came out along with both of my canines. "Oh no, those were my favorite!" I lamented. I looked again, and saw what appeared to be a metal wire around them, as though I'd had some preparative dental work done for a night brace, or some other bizarre apparatus. I gazed into the mirror again, and although these had been from the upper row of teeth, my whole bottom row were gone, and my lips hung kind of loose at first, then receded into the deformity of a toothless lower jaw.

I awoke after that, and earnestly thanked the Lord I still had all of my teeth..